OxBridgeEssays.com – few words about quality of its services in my new review


Risking your grades isn’t worth it – which is why you should always, as a rule of thumb, read a handful of dependable customer reviews beforehand. Today, we’d like to introduce you to OxBridgeEssays.com – a company that concentrates exclusively on offering assistance to students based in Great Britain. That is to say, British students alone will find our review of OxBridgeEssays helpful.

Introducing OxBridgeEssays.com

Ox Bridge Essays is a company that introduces itself as a top academic in the UK. In fact, the company claims that it works with roughly 2,500 of UK’s best-prepared academics, in order to ensure that the students who pick OxBridgeEssays.com get the best grades.

In reference to the variety of academic products, some of the most popular services on OxBridgeEssays.com include essays, dissertations, coursework assistance, Ph.D. writing services, presentations, research papers, so on and so forth. Aside from that, if you need help with a paper you’ve already written, you can get editing and proofreading services on OxBridgeEssays.com as well.

So, how does everything work? For one thing, you have to communicate your specific requirements. According to the company, there’s no such thing as a subject that is too complex or too challenging.

Regardless of the academic level, Ox Bridge Essays claims that it has your back. Once you do that, you have to pay for your order. Afterward, you can communicate with a reliable expert in your field of study. Supposedly, you can ask for revisions as well, granted that something isn’t according to your individual requirements.

Writing Staff and Customer Support

It goes without saying that an essay writing service is characterized by the professionalism demonstrated by the writing staff. Surely, this particular company makes no exception to the rule. Firstly, the essay we ordered was of decent quality. Nevertheless, this is far from being a praiseworthy thing – that’s because when you place an order on the website that presents itself as being top-notch in the industry, you have high expectations.

And this was the case with Ox Bridge Essays. Even though the paper wasn’t of the poorest quality, it didn’t appear to be written by an experienced, proficient writer in that realm of study. At the same time, the sources used by the writer weren’t appropriate for college-level writing. These concerns were mentioned in some of the customer feedback and customer reviews we’ve found online.

On the flipside, though, the testimonials listed on the company’s official website were utterly praiseworthy. We weren’t surprised, though – this is a common practice used by most companies – namely the action of posting untruthful reviews that are really praiseworthy and positive, to influence potential customers to place an order.

We suspect that this was the case in this situation, as well.

Prices and Discounts

Another disadvantage is that the prices posted on OxBridgeEssays.com are really high. To be more precise, we paid no less than 100 USD for a 500-word article. We couldn’t believe this, as this is one of the priciest fares we’ve ever paid for an academic assignment.

To make matters worse, there weren’t any other coupon codes to take advantage of, either. In fact, we looked and looked for a promo code created for first-time customers but there wasn’t anything of the kind. We looked for information regarding this online and on the website, as well.

Final Thoughts

While we were positively impressed by this company’s online blog, which can be really helpful to students, the prices are definitely unbelievably high. This is why we believe that you shouldn’t waste your time and money by ordering on OxBridgeEssays.com. It’s true that the firm’s rating isn’t the lowest, but due to the elements outlined in this review, we are hesitant to recommend you this service.


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